The Pros and Cons of Using Proxy Servers

It’s widely accepted that proxy servers deliver you an extra layer of protection on the Internet. However, are they really so useful? What else do they do? What are the dangers of using proxy servers? Let’s find it out here.
First of all, we should start with the advantages of proxies. The biggest benefit they bring is the protection of IP address and other sensitive information. This is a way to prevent the loss of your data to hackers. In case you still don’t have this kind of security, you’d better get it at Proxies will also protect your credit cards information, passwords, etc.
In addition, proxy servers allow you to go around some restrictions. For instance, when you go to a certain website, you can be denied in the access. It might be due to several reasons: your country is banned from visiting the page or the institution you are at has a server that limits the access. It is often observed at schools (lest the children went to the inappropriate sites), big companies (where the directors don’t want their workers to spend time watching shows and liking photos on social media instead of working). You can bypass it with another proxy server like the one at
The third big advantage of using the service is to improve the speed of browsing and maintain the security levels. Basically, when you use a proxy server, you don’t go to a website, the server does. That’s why the probability you get a virus browsing on the Internet is much smaller. The servers retrieve the data for you and then save it. So the next time you send the same request, the proxy will deliver you the results faster.
However, not everything is so perfect. There are dangers of using the proxy servers which are listed as disadvantages. For example, not all people like that proxies store their data. In addition, the encryption starts from the moment your data reaches the server but you are not safe when the data is on its way to your safe proxy. There also might be some compatibility issues. They won’t be a big problem but can cause some inconveniences.
The biggest danger is, however, when people use unreliable free proxies. You should understand that the developers still make money offering you a free proxy server. You’ve got no idea whom you trust with your personal information and whether it’ll be leaked or sold to another party.