GNation Partners with Team Secret

The secret is out! Team Secret has officially announced that they’ve partnered with GNation. GNation is the gamers’ community or the so-called ecosystem which aims to improve gamers’ lives all over the world. Team Secret, in case you didn’t know, is the champion in eSports. Obviously, this collaboration will be a huge success. Let’s find out why.

The president of GNation, also the founder of MobileGo platform, Sergey Sholom was always eager to unite gamers from all over the world and build the gamers’ community. He and his team started it with the 2nd gaming revolution. It was the creation of the 1st gaming platform that supports cryptocurrency. In addition, they launched a special cryptocurrency, MGO tokens, which already simplify many transactions for thousands of gamers. The token has established itself as a reliable, trustworthy, and profitable currency which can be easily bought and sold. It allows the players to buy games and pay for in-game purchases without any hustle. Clearly, some people still don’t get how it works and insist things were the old-fashioned way but most of the opinions are positive. There are more than 500 games on the platform now and the number is still growing.

Team Secret is also really popular in the gaming world since it’s NO 1 Dota 2 team in the world. They have found GNation as a very valuable partner. Both parties aim to unite gamers and developers in order to build a huge community and improve people’s lives. They aim to make eSports popular everywhere and want to offer continuous education.

GNation’s partnership with Team Secret will result in the global eSports ecosystem. It will help amateurs learn how to participate in tournaments as well and, possibly, become professionals. In order to do it, they co-wrote a number of eBooks on how to help turn amateurs’ passion into their profession. They are free and can be easily downloaded from the official GNation website.
GNation is doing a lot for eSports as they are basically the pioneers in the field. They’ve got, however, very big and noble goals. In 2019, they are planning to launch the philanthropic platform and raise money for great causes.
Aside from Team Secret, the company has partnered with Team DetonatioN, which is the best in Japan. It’s already testing the products. This is definitely the statement that the platform is going to unite the world.