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Grant Policy & Requests

Our Foundation is in the infancy stages of accepting grant proposals. We identify and support organizations in our home neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands which promote the goals of our mission statement. The Foundation seeks to fund both established and new programs, so long as the program demonstrates strong leadership and a solid path to success.

By providing educational services, cultural opportunities and social services, we expect the grantee organizations will empower young people in finding meaningful employment, establish strong families and are able to show measurable outcomes of their success. We look to the organizations to provide tools which enable the persons served to ultimately serve their own communities.

For grant considerations, please request a Grant Application via the information provided below. Our Executive Director Bruce Kenneth Spruill forward to speaking with you. For email or fax, please reference the request with a subject line “Grant request for the Cindy and Murry Gerber Foundation”

Send Requests to:

Kenneth Spruill
One PNC Plaza, 3rd Floor
249 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412.762.9540 (telephone)
412.705.3743 (fax)

The information will only be reviewed at the time of our grant considerations.