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Joyful Jubilee Gala celebrates The Neighborhood Academy

May 22, 2012


Photo – Bill Wade/Post-Gazette
By Marylynn Uricchio / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Neighborhood Academy has reason to be proud, starting with the many low-income youths it has nurtured into first-generation college students. But a fabulous new campus in Stanton Heights was cause for A Joyful Jubilee Gala Saturday night, with many of the patrons who have worked hard to raise funds over the past decade getting a chance to enjoy the colorful, state-of-the-art facility. Kitty Hillman chaired the gala attended by head of school the Rev. Tom Johnson and president Jodie Moore, along with interim president John Douglas with Lucy. Tallulah’s Catering delivered a feast in the school’s swank cafeteria, but for cocktails the best spot was the outdoor garden, complete with fireplace. More than 200 guests, including the senior class of eight students, all of whom are bound for college, joined in celebrating the success of the independent, faith-based high school. In the crowd were Brooks and Jean Robinson, Jim and Francine Abraham, Leslie and Hans Fleischner, Franco and Dana Harris, Susan and John Robinson Block, Courtney Borntraeger, Debbie Dick and Art Stroyd, Peggy McKnight, Jim and Mardi Royston, Eliza Brown, Craig Dunham and Caryn Rubinoff, Mark Meaders and David Kozloff and Tim and Jessica O’Brien.